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South Carolina's Fly Fishing is in a class of its own. Our water systems allow dedicated fly fishermen to target of a wide range of species. Depending on the season, an angler can catch redfish, trout, sheepshead, sharks, mackerel, jack crevalle, sharks, amberjacks, and cobia all in easy to access lowcountry nearshore and inshore fishing grounds.

Our fly fishing equipment varies on the targeted species. We will be using a combination of TFO, Sage, and G-Loomis Rods and exclusively Hatch Reels. Fly Anglers are always more than welcome to bring their own epuipment.

Southern Tail Charters can cater to anyone from beginner to advanced. Casting instruction can be included in or before the charter to ensure maximum catches and minimum frustration.

Fly Fishing in Charleston is an exciting adventure but as most fly fishermen know, it is hard to guarantee success. I try my hardest to ensure conditions are perfect, so last minute rescheduling is never a problem if the weather conditions become poor.